Branding is the most crucial step for any business; creating an overall design that best reflects the client's personality and values. It is so much more than a quick icon, some font choices and cool colors. The most successful branding will happen when the client is open to ideas and visions, and takes time to really define WHO they are and WHAT they stand for. We then transform that into a visual vibe and actionable items to use cohesively throughout their online presence. Bottom line - branding is the foundation of your business! Here are some samples of our branding projects and logo designs.

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Above is a full-service branding experience. Kim was a dream client; she treated the process thoughtfully and really took a deep-dive into who she is, what she represents, and who her target demographic is. With this rebrand, I wanted to create a style that marries simplicity with classic elegance, imbued with a touch of wedding charm, and adorned with Boho elements of the clients' personality and vibe expressed through delicate lines and intricate details. To ensure the brand's core values of clarity, readability, balance, and formality are upheld, we predominantly embraced a serif style and ventured to forgo an icon in these concepts, as I feel it will provide the aesthetic of class and romance. This brand represents a clean, elegant style that should remain timeless in their client’s memories and photographs. Instead, she can incorporate the powder, brushes, and make up in the brand aesthetic and graphics. The logo itself also encompasses the “brush” or “eyeliner” vibe without specifically using an icon or picture.

If you are looking to discover and streamline your look, I would love to chat with you about how we can take your ideas and turn it into a cohesive, professional brand.

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